Bridal Gown Embellishment June 2019

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  Everyone wants to feel special and individual on their wedding day and how better to do this than by picking a beautiful, one of a kind dress?Bridal gown with blue artificial flower details. Close up on detail. You can achieve this by having your gown designed and made especially for you. This does take a leap of faith but your dressmaker should be able to provide you with detailed sketches of how your gown will look once finished. Plus you get to have a much input as you want into the design. 

If this doesn’t feel right for you, you can have a purchased gown altered or embellished and this is just what one of our brides, Adelle chose to do. She is an artist and authentic free spirit and the groom is a musician so of course, their wedding was going to reflect their unique lifestyle! 

Her gown was already beautiful, with a slightly vintage feel to the lace and the fit was near perfect. But it wasn't “Adelle” enough so she chose lots of pretty blue flowers and appliqués for us to sew on. It was a joy to work on this special project and turn Adelle’s dress into something really gorgeous which reflected her personality.             

Check out the before and after pictures below and if you’d like to talk to us about your wedding gown, you can use the CONTACT US page to get in touch.  

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