Can I Get This in Other Sizes or Colours?

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One of the questions that we get asked is, can I get this in another size or colour? The answer is emphatically YES! In fact, we love creating items especially for you and if it's already part of our collections but you'd just like it tweaking, we can often do it for the same price as the regular ones. 

Our standard sizes run 8-16 but we can go larger or smaller on most items. We may ask you to send some measurements or invite you to be measured if you are local to us, this is to ensure a great fit. 

Why don't you stock larger or smaller sizes? Well, we used to stock sizes 4-26 as standard but we found that they so seldom sold, that it wasn't viable to keep them in stock. In an effort to reduce waste, we took the decision to keep a core set of sizes in stock and offer a made to order for other sizes. And, in order to ensure it's fair for everyone, we don't charge extra for making to order unless there are changes to the fabric or design. 

So what are you waiting for? Why not contact us today about having one of our items in your favourite colour or made to your specific size? 

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