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sari collection items from emily mcnair

We have created a beautiful collection of garments and accessories using vintage saris. These stunning saris have already been worn and loved and now we're creating something new from them, many somethings in fact! We can get multiple items from one sari and use every bit that we can, in order to waste as little as possible. And the best bit, for us and our customers, is that each piece is unique. 

For us, this feels like a big step in our journey towards a sustainable business. Zero waste fashion is our goal and with this collection, we're very close. After using six saris, the waste was about the size of an orange. And that went into our rag bag which gets donated to a local charity shop who sell rag to be recycled. 

We're so proud of this collection and we're definitely going to do another similar. The collection can be viewed here: Sari Collection 

additional sari collection items from Emily McNair

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