Paradise Found - KJS Studio 2018 collection

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El Nino Silk Handmade Kimono At Emily McNair, we are lucky enough to work with some   amazing textile designers who use our expertise in   pattern cutting and dressmaking to bring their creations   to life. One such is the towering talent that is KJS Studio   who creates wonderful prints inspired by travels to   South East Asia.                                                                                                                                                       This week sees the launch of KJS’ latest collection, the   aptly named “Paradise Found” and it is truly heavenly!   The prints are all reminiscent of a hazy, romantic trip to   the tropics. The palette is beautifully broad but perfectly   balanced with delicate mauve and deep burgundy through to golden amber and marine blue, topped off with the KJS signature pop of neon or fresh mint green trim.

 The collection includes the first swimwear and crossbody                                bags produced by KJS KJS Bikini Setas well as a couple of familiar styles but in new prints. Our favourites are the El Nido Silk Kimono, the Golden Hour Box Dress and for a splash of colour in the home, the Boracay cushion. Look out also for new styles of bags and pouches.                                                                                                                              The prints themselves are designed by KJS, we come in at a fairly early stage to make the garment patterns. We then work with KJS to make samples or “toiles” and then any pattern adjustments can be made before we grade the patterns into sizes. After that, final samples can be made which are then used to photograph the items for use on the website. The development stage can take anything from a couple of weeks to several months depending on the body of work involved and we enjoy the process of working closely with the KJS team to perfect each silhouette.

Off tropic swimsuit and yoga bag We are always delighted to be asked to do   this type of work, beavering away behind   the scenes, using our skills to compliment   those of the designers who hire us and we   just love to see the final results launched.   We’re wishing KJS Studio all the best with   the collection – we think it’s completely   stunning.

Paradise Found and other collections from KJS Studio can be found here: KJS STUDIO

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