Sourcing Our Saris

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vintage saris on wooden shelving

Sourcing all materials in a way which is planet and people friendly manner is way up on my priority list. Vintage saris are wonderful for upcycling into new garments and accessories, there's plenty of fabric and it's absolutely stunning. The weight, the patterns and colours are ideal and the fact that it's already been worn as a garment is even better. After my first upcycled sari proved popular, I began to search for a regular supplier.

That's when I "met" Krishna, through his bounteous Etsy shop and have been buying saris exclusively from him ever since. Originally from a small village in Rajasthan, he's now studying in New Delhi and using the proceeds from his Etsy shop to pay his college fees. 

krishna with vintage saris

The quality of the saris and the service that Krishna provides is second to none and I have nothing but admiration for someone who runs a business and studies at the same time and I hope to be buying from him right up until he completes his studies and begins what I imagine will be a wonderful career. 

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