Tips for Choosing Occasion Clothing

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Whether it be Prom, a wedding or an awards event, for some people, finding an outfit can be a nuisance for some people. 

We’ve popped together a handy guide to make things a little easier. And even if you love shopping, there are some handy hints for you too! 

DO try on lots of different styles. Unless you are someone who knows exactly what suits them, then try on a variety of garments and see what you feel comfortable in. Take a trusted sidekick if you aren’t confident picking things for yourself. 

models wearing evening gowns DON’T leave it too late, you can end up panic buying, not finding something you are happy with or worse, something that you love but your size is out of stock. Furthermore, if your item needs alterations, leaving it until the last minute might leave you in a pickle, especially during summer when tailors and dressmakers are are busy. 

DO work out a budget and stick to it. If budget is tight, consider scouring the second hand shops for a unique find, vintage shops can also be a treasure trove of great pieces. Whatever your budget, ALWAYS buy the highest quality garments you can for the funds available. It’s better to invest in an outfit you’ll wear again than end up with a wardrobe crammed with things you are only half happy with. 

DON’T buy from the internet unless you’ve done your research. Sounds obvious but we’ve experienced countless customers arrive at our studio with items bought online that are dreadful quality and look nothing like the picture. If you find something you like online, check the reviews. Then check them again. If it looks amazing and highly embellished but it’s cheap as chips, it’s likely too good to be true. tiaras on vintage sewing machine                                                                                                                                                                          DO consider accessories. What shoes will you wear? Bag? Tie and pocket square? Jewellery? All of these will come together to form the whole ensemble. It’s another thing not to leave until the last minute, particularly if your colours are tricky to accessorise. 

DON’T forget to consider the event. If it’s a wedding, what colour are the bridal party wearing? Perhaps you want to avoid their palette. If it’s prom, what’s your Bestie wearing? Picking the same would be a nightmare! 

DO try and enjoy it! Following these steps will help to make the process go smoothly. You’ll enjoy the event more if the run up hasn’t been stressful. 

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