Wardrobe Cleanse - How and Why You Should Do It.

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 So, who has clothes they don’t wear? I totally did, loads of them. I’m naughty for taking hand downs from my sisters then not even trying them on. Also, following the births of my children, my shape had changed so what suited me then doesn’t now.  Inside of a newly tidied wardrobe after a clear out! I was fed up with having two double wardrobes stuffed with clothes and “nothing to wear.” So it was time for a clear out. It’s very freeing, so I thought I’d share the  process.

First up is to remove everything in your wardrobe that you don’t wear and try it on. This actually took me about two weeks, as a busy mum, time is not on my side so I’d try on a garment or two each time I got dressed or undressed. When trying on a garment, I’d ask myself why I didn’t wear it. Did it not fit right? Could it be altered? If yes, then it went on an alteration pile, if not, then on the get rid pile. Needs mending? On the alteration pile. Looks fab and I’m a plonker not wearing it? Back in the wardrobe. 

Image of tidy wardrobe after a clear out.By the end, some things were back in the wardrobe along with the old faithfuls. There was a pile to be  mended/altered, if you’d like advice on finding a tailor, we have a blog post for that here.There was also a pile of sentimental or loved items that don’t fit, can’t be altered but I’m just not prepared to jettison - these were boxed and put into storage (who knows, I might get into that sequin dress again one day!) The stuff to be got rid of was bagged up (all four large bags of it!) and donated to a charity clothes swap. That's the pile there! ->

The side effect of the process, which was a little unexpected was that I was able to work out what was missing from my wardrobe. What I might be able to buy or make to complete my smart new looks.
I can’t recommend doing this highly enough, your wardrobe deserves it - you deserve it. 


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