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Emily McNair Studios offers a comprehensive tailoring and dressmaking service. Our goal is your unique and perfect garments, be it your wedding gown, bespoke outfit or a full theatrical production. We will work with you to design, produce and finish all manner of apparel and accessories. 

The initial consultation and design process is no obligation and free of charge. The time taken in design is built into the cost of the final item/s. Most of the process can be done by email but you are welcome to visit our studios to discuss face to face. For theatrical productions, we can arrange to visit you to measure and fit to your cast. 

Napoleonic British Soldier Costume

We can usually offer a firm quote via phone or email however, sometimes it is necessary to see garments to determine how long the job will take. In this instance, we will invite you to the studio to discuss. 

If you would like to speak to us about the services we offer, we welcome you to get in touch via our CONTACT PAGE.