Repair Service

We stand by the quality of our clothing and accessories, long lasting clothes means a smaller impact on the planet. In 2020, we launched our Take Back Scheme where we promised to responsibly recycle any of our items that you return to us at the end of their life. 

tape measure close up with velvet purses

For 2021, we are launching a repair service. If any of the items you buy from us develop a fault at any time over their lifespan, we will repair it for you for free, you just have to post it to us. Any items that become worn from use or damaged, we will assess and offer a repair service, the cost would depend on the repair. To enquire, Contact Us

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 All of this is so you can love our clothes for a bit longer. And don't forget, when they really are worn out, just post them back and we will recycle or repurpose them and give you a money off voucher for your next order! Click Here for more information on our Take Back Scheme.